Our Mission

Our mission at MySmartCreditCard is to empower consumers in this ever changing world of credit.  From education on smart chip credit card technology to applying for credit and/or consolidating debt -- we are looking to guide consumers to make the right credit choices to power their lives. 

Meet The Team

Josh Skoko

Josh Skoko is the CEO of MySmartCreditCard.  He has worked in the digital marketing space for over 16 years with top brands and companies like Hotwire, Expedia, Avenue A/Razorfish, Eddie Bauer, Intuit, Blue Nile, and currently serves as the CMO of ShareTrips.  Prior to MySmartCreditCard, he was the Director of Online Marketing and Search Engine Marketing for seven years and significantly grew all aspects of the Hotwire Group’s online partnership marketing, affiliate marketing, and search engine marketing programs along with leading all digital creative agency partnerships.

Josh received a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Western Washington University.

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Jones C Wynn

Jones Wynn is the CTO of MySmartCreditCard. He has worked in information technology over the past 16 years for various companies including IBM and Georgia-Pacific.  For the past few years, Jones has worked in the digital commerce space with leading credit card technologies. 

Jones received a BA in Management Information Services from Auburn University.

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